Tekeningen / Drawings


Nero, Tuizentfloot en Van Zwam eten wafels, madam Pheip brengt er. Rondom staan en zitten verschillende dieren van de Zonnegloed.
Hommagetekening voor 100 jaar sleen. Met een veiling van originelen ten voordele van De Zonnegloed
Oud vrouwtje in bed met een banaan in haar hand. Op de voorgrond het silhouet van een wolf.
Eurovisiesongfestival 2022 - Noorwegen.
The character Bob Branik. A grumpy teenager looking at a screw driver in his hand.
Art fight: Bob Branik "Life's tough when you're a mad engineer going through puberty."
The character Euria. A woman clothed in soap bubbles lying on a cloud of soap with her rubber duck.
Art fight: Euria, the bubble bath goddess accompanied by her loyal rubber ducky
The character Matron. A horned green woman with a staff looking stern with a flaming green eye.
Art fight: Matron, a wildfire druid tiefling.
The character Egon Schiele. A horned goateed man, holding a withered flower, a puzzled expression and a book.
Art fight: Egon Schiele, a wizard who is very terrible at his job. Known for being a stick in the mud and uptight. He has a love for animals and makes a fantastic teacher. When drunk will go on long passionate rants.
Brush pen drawing. A close up of a stone gargoyle with water poring out of his mouth.
Inktober: Gargoyle
Brushpen drawing. A hunchback with dark hair and a kind smile is holding a candlestick.
Inktober: Scuttle
Brushpen drawing of  a long eared bat with using its mouth for echolocation, flying towards the viewer.
Inktober: Bat
Brushpen drawing of a scallop lying on the bottom of the ocean with two strands of sea weed next to it.
Inktober: Scallop
Brush pen drawing of an open up turned hand with long nails holding a small flame in the palm.
Inktober: Flame
Brush pen drawing of a handful of flowers (the species is pretty indistinct, I went for roses and daisies but failed), held together in some paper.
Inktober: Bouquet
A brush pen drawing of a banana peel.
Inktober: Trip
A brush pen drawing of socks hanging from a washing line, only two of them have the same pattern.
Inktober: Match
A brush pen drawing of a snoring dragon in a nest of pillows.
Inktober: Nest
A brush pen drawing of crab with a crabby expression.
Inktober: Crabby
A brush pen drawing of an eagle. The drawing is a bit of an experiment in the sense that all the black of the eagle has no details, and the white of the head is completely surrounded by the black of the wings.
Inktober: Eagle
Brush pen drawing of an evil overlord kind of man with a twirly moustache and goatee going 'Harumpf'. He's wearing a tall hat, black gloves, big belt, flapping cape, pointy shoes and striped underpants.
Inktober: Forget
Brush pen drawing of a goblin girl with braids and a cute dress, picking her nose with one hand and holding a doll with an axe in its hand in her other.
Inktober: Kind
Brush pen (and tipp-ex :) ) drawing of star dotted space, with a sun in the far distance, an atmosphered planet in the middle and a ringed gas giant in the front.
Inktober: Empty
A brush pen drawing of the head and upper body of what I hope looks like an armadillo standing in grass. (The grass is okay, I think.)
Inktober: Armadillo
A brush pen drawing of a proud rooster  with
Inktober: Fowl