December 23rd, 2019

Close Up

Working on the cover of part 4 of my webcomic. Sometimes, achieving an effect boils down to finding a good podcast and a lot of repetitive work... :)
Close up of a work in progress in which a lot of cells are drawn to achieve a scaly texture.
August 18th, 2019

The gate

I'm procrastinating on this page, and it's eating my buffer. :s
So, in an attempt to get out of procrastination mode, a screenshot of the current state of affairs...
Screenshot of Krita, with a work in progress of an Egyptian style gate with blueline people going through it. The perspective rulers are visible.
June 19th, 2019

Perspective Tools

Krita 's perspective tools are great!
(This is a sketch for the page that will go online in two weeks. Normally I pencil on paper, but for things like this, Krita's just too handy.)
Bluish sketch of three big Egyptian style statues of people with animal heads, a character with a torch is walking at the feet of them.
May 26th, 2019

Gentse Stripbeurs Poster

I got to draw the poster for the autumn edition of the Gentse Stripbeurs (Ghent comic fair). (Yay! :D) I'll be signing my comic Per'Bat (and the poster :) ) on the spring edition next week.
Coloured with krita, lettering with inkscape.
A mountain landscape in the background. On the foreground, master Per'Bat is sleeping with a comic on his belly, Teholon Ra is crossed leggedly reading a comic, the Ruler of the Five Thoughts is sitting in a chair reading, the Daughter is interrupting her reading to send a spell to Per'Bat, and Ohn Mar is on guard with a spear in his hand.
May 15th, 2019

A list of names

I promise you, Ohn Mar's name's on this list in today's page of my #webcomic . :)
Black and white inked drawing of a hand holding open a scroll, on which a list  in a fictive script is written.
May 5th, 2019

Inked gate

Little sneak peek for next Wednesday's webcomic page, because I'm pretty happy I persevered with those battlements. :)
A wide panel. There's a wall with a lot of small battlements going from left to right, interrupted by a gate through which a caravan is travelling.
March 3rd, 2019

Sarah Neslo Scenario

*checks off an item on the TODO list* Now I can get started on my contribution to Tales from the Fediverse for real! (Yay!)
Here's the first draft of the thumbs for the first three pages.
A photo of a pencilled page, containing thumbs for three pages, various sketches of creatures and text that is not readable. (Because I don't want to spoil things. :) )
February 23rd, 2019


Rough Sketchup model to help me with setting up the perspective for some upcoming scenes.
A blocky model of a big reinforced gateway tower in a wall.