November 20th, 2020


So I located the previous scene in a fireworks factory because that's a good isolated place to hide secretive magic. But I also described doing magic there as dangerous to risk blowing up the whole thing. You know - add to the suspense kind of thing.
However, now that I'm to thumb out the "they're discovered and are being chased" scene, I can't have them accidentally ignite the fireworks and do all kinds of graphically fun stuff, now, can I?
Consistency ... bummer. :(
November 14th, 2020

New issue of "Tales from the Fediverse"

Cover of tales of the fediverse 4.
A new issue of the "Tales from the Fediverse" anthology has appeared. It contains the final chapter of my "Sarah Neslo, Exorcist" story, and a new episode of "Dungeons, Dragons and Dipwads" by David_a_webcomic. Read it while it's fresh!
August 7th, 2020

Lewis Trondheim

I once went to a signing session by Lewis Trondheim, a very successful French comic artist. I asked him what he thought were the secrets of a good scenario. He said there were plenty, but he highlighted these:
- "Il faut s'amuser" : You have to have fun. That way, even if nobody else likes what you do, at least you had fun with it.
- "Il faut être sincère." : You have to be honest. Don't sell yourself out.
July 17th, 2020

In the Library

When there's a lot of perspective to do, I draw it digitally because the perspective tools of krita are preferable over all that fiddling with a ruler.
This time it took me more time than usual, and I didn't understand why. Until I discovered I had been working on a 600dpi scan instead of my usual 150dpi for pencils... /facepalm
Most of the detail eventually got lost in inking and behind text balloons. Still, it was rather fun to draw all those books and scrolls. :)
Drawing in blue and grey pencil, with computer drawn additions in grey.\n\nOn the foreground, a young girl is studying a book. In the middle ground, the Ruler of the Five Thoughts, master Per'Bat and Teholon Ra in dog shape are walking in. In the background, a book case filled with scrolls, books and some boxes. A view through an arch shows two busts on pedestals.
July 8th, 2020

Pigeon Loft

The SketchUp model of the pigeon loft I used as a help for the perspective in last week's and this week's page of my webcomic Per'Bat. Any tool is that gets the job done is a good tool. :)
A print screen from SketchUp, showing a octagonal pidgeon loft with three sides missing so that you can see the inside easily.
13 mei 2020

Deel 4 van Per'Bat is verschenen

Cover van Per'Bat 4.
Voor de mensen die strips liever op papier lezen is er goed nieuws: Per'Bat deel 4 is verschenen.
April 3rd, 2020

Sarah Neslo work in progress

Working on the pencils of "Sarah Neslo, Exorcist" for the upcoming Tales from the Fediverse issue. That perspective tool is so handy!
Sarah Neslo is walking in the middle of the panel towards the reader. She has a determined look on her face. In the background, she's followed by a multitude of different types of aliens.
February 25th, 2020

Off to the publisher

Part 4 of my webcomic Per'Bat is off to the publisher. First time ever I made something print ready on Linux.
I've been impressed with how krita put thought in its choice of RGB profiles and its handling of CMYK, disappointed at how inkscape vectors and scribus don't play nice, and renewed in my love for the power ImageMagick. :)
(The proof of the pudding is in the eating, of course. Fingers crossed the colours will turn out the way I intend them to.)